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Purple Yoshi

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Purple Yoshi is a purple Yoshi and a User in Super Mario Wiki and Fantendo. Not much is known about her but It is revealed that she is a princess of a faraway kingdom and has a pet Boo called Boolina.



Not that long ago, Purple Yoshi's kingdom had a large war. Her father thought it was not safe to stay at the kingdom, and instructed her to fly away in her Yoshi Copter. She did, and ended up at the Mario Wiki. She has said that she will return there some day.


Purple Yoshi has made a few appearances.

Infinite Empire

She appears in chapter 11 and 12 of Legend of the Infinite Empire as the princess of Peach Kingdom.

Legend of the Sun

In Legend of the Sun, she appears in comic 4 and 5, lying injured on a cloud. She later leads them to Steve, and joins the party.

Aipom Comic Series

She appears in the MarioWiki race in the Aipom Comic Series.

Purple Yoshi Comics

She, of course, also appears in her comics, though she has said that she will only make a cameo appearance for her second comic for reasons she is not going to say.


Purple Yoshi will appear in the official WikiGame QuestPortal. She appears under the name "Purple" and has been seen in two trailers. In the first, she is shown visiting a graveyard and being ambushed by undead trolls. In the second, she is shown briefly fighting alongside the wikians in a huge, epic battle.

Adventures of the Toa Wakero

She appears in Adventures of the Toa Wakero as one of the main characters. She has the power of water and wears the Mask of Invisibillity.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures

In Super Mario Wiki Adventures, she appears in the comic "Steve's Special Day" as one of the users celebrating Steve's birthday. In the comic "Internet Surfing", she is one of the users who get trapped(along with 3D, Zach121, Bean and 3D's Dad) in the Arrow Bros. house by Steve trying to find the Arrow Bros. Also in "3D's Deed...ees" she is one of the users that are partying in 3D's House. She can be spotted with Pink Yoshi.

Star Wiki RPG 04436728642.png

Purple Yoshi is a playable ally in Star Wiki RPG. Lady Starbel and Purple Yoshi first meet at Leet Park. There is where they made freinds. She came to the beach to look for GG since she was promised a new collection of eggs. Gonzo remembered to give her the eggs and since he didn't, he ran away. Then Purple Yoshi appeared with anger. Until she saw and made freinds with Lady Starbel, she forgot all about it.


HP: 20 Attack: 5 Super Attack: 11 Defense: 2


  • Ground Pound - Flutter Jumps to the enemy until she is above the enemy. Then preforms a powerful blow doing 5 HP Damage
  • Egg Toss - Throws a purple spotted egg at one enemy doing 11HP Damage
  • Recover - Winks at all allies and recovers 11HP for all. (Similar to Starbel's Refresh)
  • Cooties - Kisses an enemy draining their HP by 7.


It is rumored that in Legend of the Sun she will turn into a human [1].

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