The Serenade

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The Region of The Serenade

The Serenade
Population: approx. 30 nations
Delegate: Four Hectares
Founder: New Caldari
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Serenade is a region devoted to roleplaying and opposing the legitimate government of Liberalia. It was founded by known spy New Caldari, shortly before his suspension from the region forums. It is home to all Liberalia's past traitors and villains, including:

Four Hectares, former member of the Guardian Council, who left Liberalia after an argument with Carops, before divulging the passwords to the Liberalia forum's hidden sections in an effort to overthrow the government. He was a co-founder of The Serenade, where he moved after a brief spell in Canada. Four Hectares has since been a constant source of anti-Liberalian propaganda and has finally admitted his crimes in private, while refusing to acknowledge them in public.

Julio Trigman,former member of the Guardian Council and Speaker, who was founded to be responsible for massive electoral fraud, and treason to the region. Trigman's crimes in Liberalia are well-known, and he is never far from Liberalian politics due to the large number of puppet nations he keeps for the sole purpose of interfering in Liberalia.

Atholon, a former member of FAN, was responsible for actually carrying out an attempted spying run in Liberalia along with Senorak Valley of The Exodus. Liberalia rather quickly caught Atholon and all his subsequent puppets, although he was briefly allowed to stay in Liberalia recently as a gesture of goodwill, which all expected him to break.

Northern Sushi, notorious for his attempt to blackmail the government by threatening to reveal restricted information in order to incriminate Liberalia. Sushi was subsequently sentenced to ejection for six months, which he is still serving. During his time in the region, he was proactive in attempting to disrupt the business of the region and went about insulting Liberalian ambassadors and the region throughout the forums of NS in an effort to damage the region's image.

Loslakia, the former Christmas Revolutionary who was famous for his massive electoral fraud attempts, now also resides in The Serenade. Loslakia was tried in absentia following his self-imposed exile from the region. He was since refused re-entry on several occasions, when each time it appeared that he had been grossly dishonest with regional officials and was placing puppets throughout the region.

New Caldari, the puppet master responsible for much of the spying in Liberalia, who threatened the Liberalia government with invasions from FAN, where he was foreign minister. Caldari manipulated Liberalia to serve his own purposes and was suspended from the forum after making direct threats to regional ministers. When it emerged that Caldari had been organising spying in the region and attempting to recruit Liberalians to his own region of The Serenade, he was ejected. He was the founder of the Serenade, where he continues to hold a wide array of anti-Liberalian and anti-Carops views.

Snowflake/UNPERSON, an amusing figure whose attempts to sow fear in Liberalia have generally only resulted in great humour among Liberalians being directed towards him. Famous for his cryptic comments and veiled threats, Snowflake bravely failed to reveal who he actually was to Liberalian officials and was hence ejected. Since then, Snowflake, who doesn't actually know much about Liberalia himself, has continued to persue a cause which is none of his business, attacking Liberalia over crimes which have nothing to do with him, and accusing people whom he has never met. For this reason, Unperson is generally considered a figure of fun amongst Liberalians, who enjoy impersonating him. The complete three set Volumne of the Poetry of UNPERSON is available in Hardback for $79.89 plus postage and handling.

Overs include, fellow Spy Senorak Valley, Typophiles, and Latagon.

Relations with Liberalia

For obvious reasons, relations between The Serenade and Liberalia are very poor, with large numbers of people on either side intensely disliking the other. Offensive remarks are constantly levelled against Liberalian founder Carops by Serenade members, and this has continued to provide a bone of contention between the regions, combined with unprovable false Serenadian allegations that Liberalia is a dictatorship. Prime Minister Soccersian enterred the Serenade to discuss the terms of a neutrality pact with the region's members. Many Liberalians, including Timberlake and Carops, have been very critical of this, as Soccersian has blamed Liberalians for the crisis, and not the Serenade. Athoon and Senorak Valley were thus permitted access to the Liberalia forums in September 2006 in the interests of peace, a peace which some Liberalians do not want.

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