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Konberrant - A Blending of d10 Aberrant and Exalted


[edit] Summary

Below is a very alpha version of a melding of two different types of awesome: the setting and powers of White Wolf's d10 Aberrant and the system of White Wolf's Second Edition Exalted. The conversions have been done by one K0npeito of The Freedom Stone fame: all comments to the creator can be put here.

Also on this page are the character sheets and logs for the first attempt to test run this system. More will be added as time goes on.

[edit] System Information

Character Generation - Character generation and XP costs
Keywords - Ever-growing list of available keywords for powers.
Powers - All powers that have been converted thus far. Work in progress.

[edit] Konberrant Test Game

Character Sheets - The cast of characters...
Logs - and their Quantum-fueled exploits.

[edit] Random Ideas To Consider

  • Aberrations as a background similar to Taboo for Casteless Lunars. Mitigates Taint (which could be rolled as a dice pool whenever powers are used, with certain consequences based on certain success thresholds?). -Kon

[edit] Comments

Leave 'em if you've got 'em. - QuicksilverFox85

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