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The primary aim of "Knowledge Management Frameworks" is:

  • to collect the various Knowledge Management frameworks, models, methodologies (s. methodology) etc. to gain a broad view of what is available to support Knowledge Management implementation, and
  • to discuss these frameworks in terms of their theoretical funding and practical applicability.

As current frameworks are not pretty satisfactory a broad view and discussion may lead to a better understanding of a framework's crucial componets and the interrelationships between these components. The outcome might be a new framework or model that is more reliable as it was derived from this collection and discussion.

As they are strongly interrelated, frameworks of fields like Organizational Learning/The Learning Organization, Intellectual Capital (Management), Knowledge Networks/Communities of Practice, Information Management etc. are also in the focus of this wiki.

Several concepts (e. g. Customer Relationship Management, Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management etc.) that integrate Knowledge Management are also included here.


"Knowledge Management Frameworks" is launched by jaegerWM - Web & Knowledge Management, a German provider of information, knowledge, and learning on Knowledge Management and related fields.


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