Talk:Prince Eitel Friedrich

From Kaiserreich

Masked Pickle, the fraudulent transfer of 300.000 Reichsmark sounds abit too OTL-ish to me. With the monarchy still intact in Kaiserreich, and the Hohenzollern in a far better economical position, there's less reason for Eitel Friedrich to transfer this money, as he did in OTL when the monarchy was overthrown. Maybe we could change this to another scandal that helps to bring the Hindenburg-Ludendorf dictatorship down, maybe some relevation about war profiteering, or that ineffectual food production was supported by the great agrarians and junkers during the Weltkrieg. Maybe the prince could be tied to such a scanda, maybe we leave his reputation intact and use him as a military leader. What do you think? -Andromedos

I restricted the role of Eitel Friedrich in the scandal, implicating him along with other officials (not mentionned, of course), under charges of war profiteering. I also made a reference to the quite certain sacrosanct judicial status of the Hohenzollerns in this timeline, so you could eventually add him as a leader or minister. - Masked Pickle

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