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Does anyone know the correct date for the establishment of Armenia as autonomous region of the Ottoman Empire? I wrote June 1928, but it was just a wild guess. Also, on the "List of Head of State and government" Armenia has Pasha Andranik Toros Ozanian as both Head of State and Government, but I used the persons present in the current Kaiserreich scenario. AC

The Armenian autonomy isn't really looked through with that much detail. It was in the late 20's, but that's all there's to it, so your guess is as good as any guess. In my ministerfile, Andarik Toros Ozanian is both HoS and HoG. -KanaX

Andranik Toros Ozanian is the first HoS and HoG in the minister file, but in the current scenario file ( unless I'm mistaken the starting HoS/HoG are the one I wrote (if you start the Kaisrereich scenario with Armenia there they are). Can anyone clarify this? AC

Ok, I checked the Kaiserreich Forum, it seems like Andromedos changed the HoS and HoG in Beta IV and replaced the nationalist Andarik Toros Ozanian with some representatives from the Ottoman Empire, as Armenia is a puppet and not really independent. I think everything is clear now. AC

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