Empress Teimei

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Empress Teimei (貞明皇后, Teimei Kōgō?) (25 June 1884 – ) was empress consort of Japan. Born Sadako Kujō (九条節子, Kujō Sadako?), she was the consort of Emperor Taishō and the mother of Shōwa Emperor. Her posthumous name, Teimei, means "enlightened constancy".

Princess Sadako Kujō was born in Tokyo, as the daughter of Prince Michitaka Kujō, head of Kujō branch of the Fujiwara clan, and Noma Ikuko. She married then-Crown Prince Yoshihito on 25 May 1900, the future Emperor Taishō. When she gave birth to a son, prince Hirohito, the future Shōwa Emperor in 1901, she was the first official wife of a Crown Prince or Emperor to do so since 1750.

She became Empress (Kōgō) when her husband ascended to the throne on 30 July 1912. Given her husband's weak physical and mental condition, she exerted a strong influence on imperial life, and was an active patron of Japan's Red Cross Society.

After the death of Emperor Taishō on 25 December 1926, she was known as the Dowager Empress (which means "widow of the former emperor").

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