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Technical skills are generally split up into Knowledge, Systems and Design. Each subject area has one of these skills. Knowledge skills are the 1st Epoch and deal with general knowledge about the subject area. Systems skills are the 2nd Epoch and deal with the repair and upgrading of existing systems. The system skill is normally a practical skill. Design Skills are in the 3rd epoch and allow a character to design new systems for this object. Fitting these new systems requires a Systems roll. If a task requires a skill from another subject area, a test can be done under Hard.

There is a certain amount of cross-over between the technical skills. For simple tasks, it is quite likely that a tech with many different technical skills can complete a task that is within another skill branch, at a modifier.

[edit] Colony

This is the tech skill which covers the colonies which people live in. These include standard surface colonies (like the cities of the 20th Century), Subterranean and Subaquatic colonies.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This covers the general layout of the colonies, what all the major parts of the colony are and how they interact. All colonies are created on the same principles and this skill allows the player to understand and use these principles.


This is the in-depth knowledge of how the different systems work together. This includes the design and function of separate buildings and the components which make the buildings work.


This allows the player to design buildings and their components. All manner of dwellings can be constructed and the knowledge of how to use the tools is known.

When to Use?

When the players want to adjust their home base to suit their needs. (Design)

When the players want to know where to shut the power off in the building. (Know)

When there is something odd about a building and they need to know what the difference is. (Know)

Image:031 - elements 3p5 vehicle scene.jpg

Colony ------- Know --- Systems ----- Design
Space Craft -- Know --- Systems ----- Design
Vehicle ------ Know --- Systems ----- Design
Energy ------- Know --- Systems ----- Design
Weapon ------- Know --- Systems ----- Design
                                   /- Hacking
Gaia --------- Know \\-- Systems --<-- Design
                     \\- Research   \\
Automaton ---- Know --- Systems /---- Design
Mechasys ----- Know --- Systems ----- Design

[edit] Gaia

GAIA (the net) runs the universe. Rayengines (Computers) are part of everyday life and without them, the human race would be back in the industrial age. Rayengines allow better communication and the ability to automate many tasks. This set of skills allows the character to use, program and build systems of their own whether for car or building.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This is basic Rayengine use, how to use GAIA operating system to perform certain tasks. Although using entities (software) and being able to install new ones is contained here, the writing of new software is not.


This skill allows the repair and upgrade of Rayengine systems as well as programming. The user can now program in Gaia II (The universal programming language). However, the user can not build their own Rayengine (computer) systems from scratch. Assembling from pre-made parts is possible but not the construction of the laser chips. This also contains information about the use of Rayengine systems in other Tech categories. For example, the character would know what a vehicular Rayengine did and how it functioned and could repair it.


This is the full design of Rayengines. From making the laser chips to connecting them, this skill allows the user to make technical wizardry from the tools provided.

When to Use?

When the player tries to build a computer for a weapon. (Design)

When the player needs to quickly obtain some information. (Know)

When rigging a bomb into a person’s GAIA terminal. (Systems)

When the player wishes to repair a damaged Rayengine. (Systems)

Image:032 - elements 3p5 hauler and mex.jpg

[edit] Hacking

Gaia Systems.

This is a very special use of Rayengines when the players looks for a backdoor or tries to hack through the main entrance looking for information. The hacker moves through a network, gaining control of entities and capturing data. Hacking is covered later in the combat section.


[edit] Research

Gaia Know.

The ability to find reliable, concise and detailed information quickly. Although most people who can use Gaia can perform some sort of research by utilising information libraries and search entities, finding the right information when it is not immediately accessible is a honed skill.

Ľahká: Finding different information biases on public knowledge.

Ťažká: Finding references to obscure history or long forgotten technology.

[edit] AI

Gaia Systems and Automaton Systems *.

This is the skill that covers the design, creation and nurturing of Artificial Intelligences (AIs). This includes both AIs as disembodied intelligences in Gaia and fully embodied AIs as you would find in Automatons. This also includes the counselling of troubled intelligences and understand of how they might malfunction.

  • This skill can be purchased without Automaton

Systems but then the AI of Automatons will not be included. If Automaton Systems is gained at a later date, this skill then automatically includes the new field.

Ľahká: Create a new AI to perform searches on Gaia.

Ťažká: Counsel a ‘broken’ AI back into good health.

[edit] Automaton

Automatons are the human-friendly robotic organisms in the Icar world and this set of skills allows for their understand, repair, upgrade and design. Dealing with automatons is often a more human empathy task than with other machines because of their form. Low grade, industrial Automatons are quite simple in design but often intimidating in their size. Commercial and domestic Automatons are frighteningly close to their human creators.


Dôvtip Duša.

This is knowledge of all Automaton types. The higher the skills, the more is known about the different types. Easy tasks would involve analysing a given automaton for its intended use and identification of its creator. Difficult tasks would involve remembering the statistics of and old model without reference.


System covers the repair of the overall mechanics of the Automaton. The sorts of systems include: locomotion (legs), sensors, nervous systems, reflexes, balance, energy and so on. This does not include any knowledge of the artificial intelligence of the Automaton but the basics of its programming and the physical systems.


Design covers the creation of new Automatons from scratch. Design also allows an appreciation of other people’s work. This skill does not cover Automaton AI, that is given in the AI skill. However, the Automaton can be set with some simple operations without using AI.

Image:034 - elements 3p5 cyclone on surface.jpg

planetfall is not always industrial

[edit] Vehicle

This set of skills covers all the things you need to know about Grav vehicles. Vehicles are anything that does not light jump.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This is the knowledge of what different vehicles there are and their statistics. This is a bit like a ‘train spotter’ skill. The character would also know the basics of vehicle design. This only contains the knowledge about the vehicles, not the ability to operate them.


This is the in depth knowledge of how different vehicles are made. Any repair or installation of new equipment is covered as is the use of any tool required for the job.


This is used for the design of additional systems or design of new vehicles. Design also allows an appreciation of other people’s work.

When to Use?

When the team need to guess the top speed of a car they are chasing. (Know)

When the team to make alterations to a car to get the most out of it. (Systems)

When the team want to smuggle illegal ammunition. (Systems)

When the character has more money than sense and wants a very fast Grav Bike indeed. (Design)

[edit] Space Craft

All vehicles that can Jump or venture into space. Any freighter, cruiser or hulk can be covered. Although many of the systems included on ships come under different subjects, their specific operation is known as a module on the ship.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This is a knowledge skill about how the craft works, it also includes what sort of craft there are and what their capabilities are likely to be.


This skill allow repair and upgrade of systems on board ship. The systems are everything from air conditioning to shield systems. The interaction between these systems is also important. This also includes all the tools required to fix craft. Due to the complexity of space craft, this skill requires twice as many RP to increase than normal.


This allows the character to redesign existing parts of the ship or to design a completely new craft. Designs of new craft tend to be very laborious and often take much more time that the construction. Design also gives an appreciation of new design techniques

When to Use?

When the team are assessing the chance of victory in a battle. (Know)

When the team ship is heavily damaged and requires repair. (Systems)

When the team ship requires weapons fitting. (Systems)

When the team want a new ship and are willing to wait for an optimal design. (Design)

[edit] Energy

Energy is the study of raw energy and its applications. This skill covers generators, Grav engines, Grav plates, shields, Jump Engines, Beaming and some insight into energy weapons.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This covers all the basic principles of energy systems and what each piece does. Basic ideas of what is good and bad and what systems work best. New technology is also covered but is Hard to understand.


This covers the repair and the upgrade of all energy based systems. This also includes the tool required to do the job and knowledge of the analytical equipment required.


This allows the character to design new energy systems using the basic principles above. To create completely new energy systems, the difficulty is Hard.

When to Use?

When the team’s ship requires some shields bought. (Know)

When the team’s ship needs the shields installed. (Systems)

When the previous two have failed and they decide to design their own. (Design)

Image:035 - elements 3p5 blackwater bar.jpg

when I’m not upgrading my ship, I’m sleeping

[edit] Weapon

This skill allows the players to recognise, repair and build weapons . Weapons range from hand held pistols to large vehicle mounted weapons as the principles are all essentially identical. Energy weapons and projectile weapons are covered but only ideas about ammo are given.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This is weapon spotting. Knowing the damage capabilities and operating ranges of a weapon is important. This also includes what sort of ammo the weapon can fire and the ability to draw similarities between known and unknown weapons to provide analysis


This is the ability to repair and upgrade weapons. Upgrades tend to come as easy to fit modifications. Detailed knowledge of the weapon is known and given plans, a copy can be constructed from scratch.


This allows the players to design weapons. It should be noted that this is normally unnecessary as every weapon is catered for and the chance of making something more efficient than something on the market is very unlikely.

When to Use?

When a weapon is found and some information is required. (Know)

When a weapon is damaged and it requires repair. (Systems)

When the team are stuck somewhere that they can not get to any powerful weapons and need to design their own. (Design)

[edit] Mechasys

This covers all the Mechatronic systems that are not covered by any of the above subjects. This includes Exo-suits, Powered Armour, Environment suits and machinery. This also includes general mechanics, electronics and the interactions between them. It’s sort of a catch-all for all the other skills. No self-respecting tech will be without this set of skills.

If the task required is a general eno-mechanical one, then this skill will be sufficient, but if it is covered in the above sections then the cross-technology modifier must be added.


Dôvtip Dôvtip.

This covers all the basics of Mechatronic systems and how to construct them from scratch. This skill also allows the analysis of other systems.

Image:037 - elements 3p5 medical.jpg

laser scapel and skin sealer: medical tools of the trade


This skill allows the repair and upgrade of Mechatronic systems. A character with this skill can attempt the repair of anything with a modifier of Hard or higher. This includes the knowledge and use of the tools required.


This allows a character to design any Mechatronic system which is not already specified in another subject. The character can attempt the repair of anything with a modifier of Hard of higher.

When to Use?

When the character tries to guess the function of an unknown machine. (Know)

When the character is repairing a automated machine. (Systems)

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