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Medical skills are essential to all sections of survival. As most diseases can be cured with an injection of drugs the field of Diagnosis is left to use of these drugs. With the addition of technology, we obtain Bionics which deals with all forms of Augmentation. Out on a limb is he Bioweave skill, which is a special form of Bionics. In the diagram below, the upper track is the human medicine area and the lower track is the bionics area.

[edit] Medical Basic

Dôvtip Duša. Inštruktor.

The skill of preserving life. Basic includes the most useful field medical and general household information. Dealing with bone breaks, bleeding, cuts, shock, unconsciousness and typical viruses are included. Instructors tend to come pretty cheap for this skill.

Ľahká: Treat a victim who has broken their legs after being pushed from a moving vehicles.

Ťažká: Dealing with internal bleeding or anything that might involve surgery.

Image:028 - elements 3p5 kestrel rear half bar.jpg

[edit] Bionics Knowledge

Dôvtip Duša. Inštruktor.

This allows the character to know the principles behind all forms of Bionics. From neural links to actuators, the workings of the structure is included here. Also this contains the ability to spot well known types of augmentation.

Ľahká: Work out the strengths and weaknesses of a augmented human on sight.

Ťažká: Diagnosis of the cause behind an augmentation’s failure.

Medical Basic --/- Diagnosis ---- Surgery ---\\
Biological ----/                              \\
Bionics Know ----------------------------------\\- Bionics Systems -\\-- Bionics Design
                                                                    \\- Bioweave

[edit] Diagnosis

Dôvtip > 5. Medical Basic. Inštruktor.

Diagnosis is the art of figuring out what is wrong with the person and then administering the correct drugs to stabilize or remove the problem. Diagnosis allows the character to make a quick decision on what to do. The skill must be higher than 60% to be effective. This can be done through studying (Roleplaying Points or RP) or by using people as test subjects.

Ľahká: Administering the correct drug for a well-known disease.

Ťažká: Administering a replacement drug when the character does not have any of the facilities provided by a medical kit.

[edit] Surgery

Dôvtip > 5. Diagnosis. Inštruktor.

Surgery is a technical art of manually fixing people. Surgery includes how to make incisions, where to make them, what each piece looks like and how to close the wound. All surgery that is done is scarless if the surgery is done correctly. The use of the surgical tools is covered in great depth. The skill must be higher than 60% to be effective. This can be raised by studying or by using test subjects (Roleplaying Points or RP).

Image:029 - elements 3p5 hoppers.jpg

hoppers and space crates: any industry's core

[edit] Bionics Systems

Dôvtip > 5. Surgery. Inštruktor.

This is a study of the different systems that any bionic person would have. This skill allows the diagnosis of problems and their solutions as well as the ability to upgrade old hardware (with the proper documentation). This also covers the mental effects due to Augmentation.

Ľahká: Fixing a well known augmentation with a full range of medical and technical tools.

Ťažká: Fixing a rare augmentation without any of the proper equipment

[edit] Bionics Design

Bionics Systems. Inštruktor.

This skill allows the character to design new bionic systems, either from scratch (Difficult) or by updating other system (Easy). If the player can not design the system solely, the GM can help. Use other bionic systems as a template for new ones.

[edit] Bioweave

Bionics Systems. Inštruktor.

This skill allows the character to operate Bioweave machinery. Bioweave can grow new limbs or organs for people and is a very technical operation. The more that needs replacing, the more difficult it is to replace.

Ľahká: Replace a leg or arm.

Ťažká: Replace both legs, both arms, liver, parts of the spine, intestines, eyes and face all in one go.

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