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The Sakura Virus War, the second major storyline in the GWN roleplaying tradition, and first of the GWN:G board.

Time Line

AC 262

  • September 21 - The UEG is formed from the ashes of the USF. The governing senate forms the United Earth Government to unify the Earth Sphere and all of humanity. The UEG forms the Land Force and the Space Force to deal with the chaos from the expulsion of the USF.

Commander William Vier is put in command of the Land Force. A former member of the USF Security forces, he leads with an iron fist and the highest of ideals.

Being in charge of the Space Force, Admiral Antonio Ferra is given command of the remnants of the United Solar Fleet.

All of Earth, except China and various isolated areas in South America, is subject to the UEG.

  • October 5 - UEG forces search the Asteroid LGPC-0028, former resource satellite for the mining of Gundanium by the Lagrange Point Council. This is one of many routine searches for advanced technology to aid them in unifying humanity.

All they find is that the hangar was missing a Sakura-type mobile doll.

  • October 7 - The Winner Corporation allies the Earth and Martian Colonies under thier leadership. The Winners immediately begin to repair and defend the colonies against pirates and smugglers.
  • October 18 - The Martian resistance crumbles and leaves Mars isolated and war-torn within various rebel groups. Several large groups form alliances in order to retain control of the red planet.

The UEG sees this as an opportunity and begins to plan an attack on the Martians.

  • October 24 - A Gen'Yaku convoy is intercepted by UEG forces 1.8 million miles away from the moon. However, the raid is interrupted by a mysterious purple suit.
  • November 6 - The UEG assaults the Martian moon of Phobos. The moon is held by the Fenix Army (led by former Earth General Xavier Fenix) and the pirate group the Twilight Privateers (led by Keljar Moatis).

During the battle, the UEG Ship Maple is destroyed by another unidentified suit. Thousands of small objects escape from the burning wreck and disapear.

Unable to recover, the UEG retreats.

  • November 9 - The UEG assimilates the Winner olonies.
  • November 15 - Chinese rebels ally with the Fenix Army/Twilight Privateer alliance. Romefeller's House of the Rising Sun takes on this alliance and signs a weapon production contract.
  • December 16 - Internal business of Romefellar sees the House of the Rising Sun channeling massive amounts of funds to its personal accounts.

Martian spy Katon Mersatar discovers vital information about a new nanite virus. Information can be found here. He was later found murdered by Winner Colonial Police.

The Tintoro Corporation leases out its Venusian solar satellites to the House of the Rising Sun.

  • December 20 - The UEG takes the Martian moon of Phobos in a heated battle.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the House of the Rising Sun is constructing a large fleet of colony ships. At that point, their purpose is unknown.

AC 263

  • January 1 - Martian forces re-ally to form the Martian Confederation. The red planet is ruled by a triumvirate: The Duchess Dominique Merquise, the rebel Dareth Marquise, and the pirate Zeran Ramsies. The main army, known as the Praetorian Guard, is led by Xavier Fenix.
  • January 3 - The UEG strikes quickly, attacking the new government of Mars. However, during the invasion, security satellites set up by the UEG begin randomly firing at the forces. Many die, both civilian and military, until all the satellites are destroyed. UEG Ground Commander Vier dies in the battle.
  • January 30 - Martian spy Myria Kiane discovers further information about the infection of the nanite virus, and its depth into the House of the Rising Sun and its members. Also, another project is revealed: Operation Shatterstar.
  • February 4 - Natalie Winner is found dead after dealing with Martian Confederation diplomats. The death is blamed on Neo Lee and Thomas Epsilon.
  • February 19 - In a shocking twist, the Martian Confederation attacks the Romefeller Colonies at Jupiter. Most are self-destructed as the Martian Confederation claims victory, but the House of the Rising Sun and its ships are no where to be found.
  • March 3 - Martian forces attack a cluster of colonies assembled around Saturn. The House of the Rising Sun is seen briefly, as the Praetorian Guard turns on the Martian Confederation, and allies with the Romefellar House. Zeran Ramsies dies in the battle; however, the Martian forces claim victory.
  • March 13 - The UEG quickly takes over the weakened Mars, turning it into a city-state. It is revealed that Operation Shatterstar is meant to push the sun into a nova, destroying the solar system. It is also revealed that the House of the Rising Sun and its members seek to leave for a new solar system.
  • March 15 - The UEG quickly attacks the Tintoro Venusian solar satellites. The sun nearly goes nova before the UEG forces manage to kill the threat.
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