Homestar Runner's Trading Card Game

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Homestar Runner's Trading Card Game

Template:Shortcut Hello, there! Welcome to Homestar Runner's Trading Card Game. This game is brought to you by ShadowLabs Productions and Shadow Scythe of Strongbadia.

There are 4 active games.

There are 0 games with open signups.

There are 7 archived games.

There are 5 active quikmatches.

There are 5 archived quikmatches.

Homestar Runner and all related characters and cartoons, etc. are copyright The Brothers Chaps. None of the characters featured in the cards belong to any of the cardmasters of this game.

  • AUG 2: Let's face it, this fanstuff is mostly dead. As great as it was, I'm simply too not-care-enough to do all of the breadgistrations. Hopefully, we'll be looking forward to a new system soon, which will work better than this one. Keep your pants on, f'real.
  • APR 13: At long last, new account registration is back open. Feel free to submit your decks.
  • DEC 6: Warning - There will be a dramatic change in the way store stocking is done at December 10, next Sunday. Due to low demand, all stock will be decreased to one in the stores, and things that have been purchased will drop to zero. Actually, stock will not be changed so drastically. Item stocks may be lessened though.
  • NOV 9: Supra Sam here. To make stakes in quikmatches a little stakier, 5 credits will be given out to the winner of any quikmatches from now on.
  • OCT 29: And now the shop is even more complete, with a department for characters outside the main twelve. See if there's one you like.
  • OCT 28: There are now twelve unique items available for purchase in the shop. Why don't you check them out?
  • OCT 23: Joshua here. To help get the economy going, I'm starting everybody off with 50 credits. To claim them, simply update your profile accordingly.
  • OCT 20: I need help running this game! If anyone wants to help me out, say so on the talk page. I'll let one or two people be cardmasters so they can do pretty much everything I can.


You play as a team of Homestar Runner characters in this game. The objective is get one of your guys (or girls) to become the king (or queen!) of the hill, and stay in that position until the end of the round! Wrestle the other players using strategies and items to win a prize!

Note: This game is constantly undergoing changes and improvements. Cards and rules may be added, removed or modified at any time.

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Shadow Scythe is the one and only overseer.


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A quikmatch is a game between only two people, with less than ten turns. The boards are generally much smaller, too. You can challenge a player to a quikmatch by putting a message on their HRTCG talk page.

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