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[edit] about wat ev

Wat ev is a site where people can come and say wahat they need to say. if you have somthing to talk about add it so the world can see.

[edit] about me

i like 2 go online and do my thang!! i like 2 go on myspace, listen to music, dance, sing, and PARTY!! My fave kind of music is rap, hip hop, pop, and r&b.cheerleading is my game and shoppin' is wat i do, me and my home gurls will talk 2 ya when eva!!

[edit] myspace

Myspace is not all that bad. You just gotta know how to play it safe. Like dont put any information like your zip code, address, full name, any thing like that. On myspace you can meet knew people chat and chill. Myspace allows you to make your own profile and lets you show off your stuff!! i personally have a myspace and it is really fun!! One can browse for friends or lert all your friends come to you. pimp out your page!! (profile) I encorage you to go to myspace and create a profile just watch what you say and dont talk about your personal information. even to your friends this could be dangerous. go to myspace and get your self a page.


[edit] stars

my list of fine #1 ballers are

  • Chris Brown
  • Bow Wow
  • Nick Cannon
  • Ludda
  • lil' Scrappy
  • Usher
  • Nelly
  • 50 Cent
  • Sean Paul

And all the Chica's who gots it all

  • Alicia Keys
  • Ashanti
  • Gwen Stafani
  • beyonce
  • Ciarra
  • Missy Elliot
  • Christina Million
  • Brandi
  • Salonge

[edit] stuff other people add

i like CHEEZ! sorry, that was random

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