From Euphro

Being new to the world of Ragnarok Online, Shen decides to play on -of course- EuphRO in August 2005. While playing in euphRO he's fascinated by the RO world and soon calls his brother mao to play with him. They decided to start a Wizard - Priest team, since they would level really fast and ended up with a lvl 97 Wizard and a lvl 94 Priest. With the restart of ROSE Online they both went inactive in euphRO for quite a while.

After ROSE Online closed a second time, Shen falls -again- in a RO fever. Shen finds his account to be deleted, though.

This time he starts a Taekwon Boy, which was delivered with the new patch. He soon becomes a Star Gladiator (one of the first) and joins the guild German Elite Force.

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