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A Raccoon tailed man and current leader of Fort Mayhem, he has recently become OOC aware. His full name is Xepharon Del-Zier, but is often referred to as Xeph.


A man wearing a decorative kimono, with a large fluffy raccoon tail poking from the back. The blonde spiky hair is not unlike a certain sword wielding fantasy of the final kind character. He is armed with a long sword.

Leadership of Fort Mayhem

With Ajac currently inactive, and the Mayhem Worlds under threat, he has taken charge of Fort Mayhem. Despite his best attempts R.A.I. will always call him Sir.

The fort itself had been destroyed moments after his taking of charge, and since then, he has been struggling against a near constant supply of villains, and other threatening incidents. Currently, he is facing the threat of FADM Redstone, Commander of the Naval fleet, which has divided itself to the Loyalists, who are with the DF, and the Navy, who remains with Redstone.

OOC Aware

That he is, to the point where he is in a way becoming his own Author. It has been theorized by other characters (Ta) that he will soon be fully aware of Mayhem to the point where he sees it as the Authors do; as one entity.

Not to be confused with Xepharon

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