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The second planet from the sun. Tastes decent with ketchup and salt, though more refined palettes prefer it with whipped cream and dark chocolate, and maybe strawberries. Unicron recommends pairing it with white Zinfandel and WD-40. Not to be confused with venus-form, the result of getting V5'ed one too many times (or one too few, depending on who you ask...shifty eyes).

Venus is also the name of the Roman goddess of love and a Japanese girl who runs around in a short skirt fighting monsters.

Venusian Characters:

  • The Venusian Ambassador
  • Venusian Dragons
  • Cherry the Venusian Battle-Priestess

Venusian Locations:

  • LPW
    • The FRE's first base
  • LPW/OOCZone:
    • Venus City
    • The Mindplain
    • The Academy of Neilopius the Wise
    • The Great Sea
    • The Dead Mountains
  • Frink!
    • Venus Station
    • Galactimus Terraforming Industries Headquarters
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