The Yarn Balls

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Created by Teleros, or more accurately, by his namesake, these sentient balls of yarn first appeared in the Chaotic Intentions RP, where they proved devastating to the various cat-girls and the like there. Well, devastating distractions at any rate. They come in several different varieties, but all are imbued with a mischievous sense of fun, bounce well, are very resilient to claws, and enjoy tying people up. It's suspected they may be related to the Kitten Collective, but any such link has yet to be proven.



The yarn balls were first summoned up by Teleros Fireheart in the Chaotic Intentions RP, as a means of distracting some of the catgirl-esque characters in it. When several tried to tie up Kalga and got burnt to a cinder, the magically-protected ones were created to do the job instead. They proved popular enough for his creator to steal the idea, expand upon it, and begin to start using them elsewhere, such as the OOC Killers thread.
Unfortunately, an unknown disappeared through a portal used by Cheez to summon barbarians from Hyksos, and escaped the thread. Quite what will happen now is not known. Will they breed? What happens if they find a Yarn Sphere?

Level of Sentience

Yarn balls have a very limited intelligence: they (somehow) communicate through mouse-like squeaks (designed to lure unwary cats out of hiding), and don't usually seem bothered if one of their number dies. They will however get upset if they're consistently unable to tangle someone up. Emotionally, they have only a very few, and they can broadly be summed up as: fun, curiosity, not-fun, boring and impatience. Combined with their short attention span, it makes them practically immune to memetic or psychological warfare.

Abilities & Types of Yarn Ball

There are various different types of Yarn Ball out there: listed below are the forms known to exist.

Standard Type: These are the "basic" versions: all other yarn balls are based off these.

  • 10m of yarn
  • Bounce up to 2m on Earth
  • Can travel at up to 40mph
  • Natural ability to untangle themselves & roll back up into a yarn ball if unravelled

Magical Defence Type: First created to let ordinary yarn balls tie up a burning Kalga, these yarn balls are incredibly resilient to all forms of magic.

Physical Defence Type: These ones are fairly easy to defeat with magic, but are very tough to cut, pull apart, and so on.

Lovecraftian Type: Designed for use against spirits, ghosts, multi-dimensional horrors and the like, these yarn-balls are here to ensure that not even Lovecraftian horrors can escape. As a consequence, most normal and even many magical attacks slip past them. Fortunately they're not very effective against normal objects either.

Invisible Type: These yarn balls are particularly irritating: in addition to being invisible (but able to see one another), they also tend to team up to tangle people more.

Cute Type: These are perhaps the most dangerous yarn balls of all: let their aura of concentrated puppy dog eyes and hint of sexy-awesome distract for but a moment and it'll be too late...


Mk 1 HAYDS: Short for "High Acceleration Yarn Delivery System", these are specially designed missiles designed to deploy yarn balls inside enemy ships. Developed primarily to face the rogue Yarn Spheres allied to ChibiVOR.
Mk 2 HAYDS: These upgraded models also contain large volumes of milk contained under extremely high pressure - specifically, a million litres.
Mk 3 HAYDS: Under development, these are rumoured to be especially effective against Yarn Spheres.


So far there haven't been any combinations of the above forms - but given who their creator is, this is probably only a matter of time...


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