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R.A.I. stands for Restricted Artificial Intelligence, and resides in the Fort Mayhem Database and runs very nearly the entire fort's systems. Often displayed as a hologram anywhere throughout the Fort, R.A.I. or simply RAI, typically appears as a Victorian Maid, although other settings and appearances can be shown as required. In effect, she is the "face" of the Fort's computer systems.

She (since that is the gender RAI commonly appears as) is currently assisting Xepharon the character in the protection of the Fort's inhabitants against the onslaught of the forces of Ba Deguy and an entity known as The Flame.

With the destruction of most of the Fort's structure, RAI's capabilities have been reduced somewhat, but she can still make herself useful. She still retains most of her communications ability, but a great deal of the database has been damaged, and her hologram has difficulty manifesting outside of the Medical Wing.

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