Morgan Lavender

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Name: Morgan Lavender Age: 29 Gender: Female Race: Human, Irish Place of Birth: New York Occupation: Art Teacher (third or fourth grades, some night classes for the community college), Sculptor

Physical Description:

Miss Lavender, as her students call her, is five feet and nine inches tall, has pale freckled skin and red hair, and (oddly enough for her complexion and Irish heritage) bright blue eyes. She wears slightly formal and conservative outfits, usually a nice sweater and a long skirt, especially when teaching. During summer, however, she's often been seen in revealing bikinis with peace signs on them and in large rallies marching for various liberal causes. She makes her own picket signs, and is never seen without a pair of highly polished and shiny obsidian earrings, which she claims were given to her by "her boyfriend" when someone asks where she got them.

Personality/Mental Description:

Morgan's something of an ex-hippie, and she's sad she misses the good ol' days when marching in the streets was widely believed to accomplish something. She's somewhat disillusioned with the way American government is run, and she especially dislikes what she sees as the hidden agenda of the Religious Right. She loves kids, and does her best to teach them to be accepting of everyone, and she also loves her art. Her primary medium has always been clay, and she makes her own glazes.

==Brief history:== Morgan got great grades in art in high school, took art classes in college, graduated, went on a few trips to Africa for Doctors Without Borders, and ended up becoming the earthly vessel of the will of an evil god. During a peace rally, she burned an American flag while wearing handmade obsidian earings that she polished and glazed herself. This quickly attracted the attention of a gorgeous statuesque young (apparently, at least) man with flaming red hair, who quickly made it a point to seduce her with the intention of maybe starting up a new temple with her as High Priestess. The fact that she had a kiln at her place REALLY impressed him, and he quickly persuaded her to start up a new temple to himself by possessing her and demonstrating the powers he could give her.


As current High Priestess of Redmund, she knows his True Name and is able to invoke him, summon his physical presence, and ask that he perform tasks for her. She spends most of her time possessed, but it's a symbiotic sort of arrangement: Redmund occupies her body but leaves her in charge during class and such, and he takes over on his nightly trips into the darker depths of the city. Technically speaking her body never actually SLEEPS. Redmund has taught her a few simple rituals that increase HIS power, but she doesn't know any magic that would be useful to HER yet, other than the standard low-grade stuff she teaches her students.

==Weaknesses:== Morgan has no real powers of her own, and is somewhat conflicted. Her god is a god of hellfire and tempestuous destruction, and she's always been a vociferous advocate of peace and free love. The fact that she's also (she's hard to tell with him...) dating the guy...demon-god...thing...makes it even tougher. Redmund keeps claiming that he learned his lesson long ago, and no longer destroys without thought, but he hasn't explained HOW he learned the lesson (she doesn't know his backstory), and he gets really irritable whenever she asks. He also got really angry that time she brought up Atlantis, and she suspects that has something to do with it.

==Special equipment:== Obsidian Earrings, prepared by Redmund so that they can't be removed and contain the proper sigils to summon him to her side if he's away when she needs him.

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