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Brief Description

Maggie, the humanized equivalent to her true Elven name, hates the Defence Force. Her fiancé died during the Raven's Fall incident. Soon after, Kell found her and convinced her that his methods are superior to the MPLFs, so she joined Channel Nine's as its lawyer. With Kell and C9 gone, she continued to work for Samuel, this time as the Chick on Brian's team. Needless too say, she isn't to happy with her designation.

Her best friends on the team are Lisa, a fellow Elf, and Kevin, an old friend of hers from way back.

Physical Description

Maggie is an Elven female with dark brown hair, worn in a bun, and light brown eyes. She wears small, rectangular glasses, but being an Elf she obviously doesn't need them.


Maggie is a very passionate and emotional person, who wears her feeling on her sleeves. Though she never loses self-control, neither can she fully hide her inner self. This can cause problems at times, as you can imagine.

Originally a far more fun-loving character, the death of her finance changed Maggie into a far more sombre person. Though still patient, at least by human standards, if she feels that nothing is being done about hurting the DF force she will become very, very, angry and agitated.


Maggie is aware.

Where some Elves specialize, others like to diversify their talents. Maggie is one of the latter types. As such, she is one of the best card sharks in existence, though she does have a bad poker face, as well as being a skilled gardener, botanist and lawyer. At present she's focussing on her Fire Magic.

Finally, her Super-Mode is triggered by Teleros' Terrans, in particular the Mayhem Orbital Command.

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