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Lake Tower

General description:

A tower in the middle of the lake. Home of Lora Rudonkitz.

Created by:


Creation date:

Thursday Dec 29, 2005. Page 3 of MKRP.

Exterior description:

The Tower of VOR is not on an island. It is dull concrete, looks like an old Midwestern grain silo, and juts out of the middle of the lake. There's no "shore" to walk up on. The Tower itself goes down underwater until it hits the lake's bottom. It has a dock with a mailbox and a single dinghy (at one point there was an "extra" dinghy but then it disappeared). The dinghy is propelled by use of a pole. The tower's front porch extends about fifteen feet out from the front door, which is three feet above water level, and a few steps up from the dock. To get to the tower's front porch one must first climb a small ladder which was installed for swimming purposes.

Interior description:

The bottom, deep underwater, is living quarters, the middle is a spiral staircase with books on every wall, and there's a small observatory/entry room at the top. There is a cat-door in the roof which Voey uses to enter. Up a few steps from the dock entrance is the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen is the living room, and the bathroom. The living room is three stairs lower than the kitchen. The tower has a single bathroom with a toilet and a high pressure shower. The shower has individual knobs for hot and cold water. The kitchen has a linoleum floor.


Lora and her cats Voey and Vor.


Lora, Voey, and Vor.

Items of Interest:

In the bathroom is a hair drier with normal settings, an instant dry setting, and a flamethrower setting.

A helmet that allows a human to survive the Nth dimensions of Unreality, designed by John-Luke Callaghan. He left it there upon his arrival. It is a beta version.

A trans hyper-phrenic full frequency scanner with L.E.D. display, also designed by John-Luke using salvaged parts from the metal suit he wore when he first arrived in Mossy Knoll.

Current condition in the RP:

What's been going on here lately. Abandon?

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