Ku-Ku Kaichu

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Ku-Ku Kaichu

Ku-ku Kaichu was a great 21st century Chinese Philosopher. While he he began his life as an average Asian-American man, sometime in his 22nd year of life, he made a sojourn into the Chinese Himalayas, where, with the aid of his laptop and an unlimited access to his favorite webcomics, he attained enlightenment through what he called "The Way of the Storyteller", or "The Way of the Creators". When he attained enlightenment, he was mystically transformed into an Antrhopomorphic Walrus. He claimed that while he was able to change his form at will, he remained in his Walrus shape because he claimed that since this was the form he achieved simultaneously with enlightenment, it had special signifigance to him. Plus he was too lazy to change much.

Mount Mayhem

Kaichu makes his home at the base of Mount Mayhem, where he tends The Sanctuary on the Mountain's peak. This was also where he taught Ajac and other pupils.

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