Kiri Ivenguard

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The smart one.


Name- Kiri Ivenguard.

Hometown- Yeah, like I'm going to give that away.

Age- Unknown (for some reason, they always say that about the villains in Golden Sun)

Element- Jupiter

Gender- Female

Height- 5'1"

Appearance- She has the same eyes as Sheba. Her hair is a similar shade, but longer. She wears Flowing, loose fitting clothes. She also has angular, grey tatoos (presumably) all over her body.


Whirlwind, Ray, Impact, Ward, Plasma, Sleep, Strom Ray, Bind, Tornado, High Impact, Resist, Shine Plasma, Tempest, Spark Plasma, Typhoon, Crash Ray, Doom Plasma (What? She's a villain).


A very Saturos type villain. If she can, Kiri likes to talk her way out of a situation. She's also very cold, and tries to avoid showing any emotions, instead singlemindedly pursuing her goal... whatever it may be.

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