Kat Eggsalad

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Kat Eggsalad is Piebunny's catgirl duplicate. She was created when Cameo zapped him with a catgirl form, then hurled a DWD at him. Her. It.
The origin of the "Kat" should be obvious, and "Eggsalad" was derived from her response to this suggestion.
She so far only appears in Grassvale Town RP, where she is currently learning to speak Feline, under the tuelage of Kayla.
Is of absolutely no relation to vampiress_kat. Not one bit.
She briefly appeared in KeenFans RP 2.01, but was shooed out by an irritated KFPB.

Physical description

Kat is about 1.5m (just under 5') tall, and has chestnut-brown fur.

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