From Egs Mayhem

Name: Hugin

Age: Unknown, looks late teens to early twenties

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110

Hair color: Light Purple

Eye color: Gold

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hugin takes the human appearance of a attractive woman of unknown age. SHe has short light purple hair and radiant golden eyes. Really, they give off some light. She wears a tight black muscle shirt and black baggy pants with a tail on the belt. She wears plain sandals. She wears her sword on her left hip.


Personality: She is juvenile in personality, unless she is in a fight. Then she becomes almost animalistic. She loves Melon Bread. She is the more talkative out of the two.

Abilities: Adept at all things magical. She can also read the thoughts of others, but she dislikes to. Her sword can steal thought. She can become a crow the same color as her hair.

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