Gravity Leveller

From Egs Mayhem

Handed out by Ankhareon in Newbie packs. Because down should always be relative.


At first glance, a gravity leveller appears to be a small disc roughly 10 centimetres in diameter, with a blue button in the centre. It has a clip on the back for clipping onto people's belts.


When the blue button is pressed, the leveller uses a combination of magic and gyroscopes to redirect gravity, thus ensuring "down" is always relative to the direction the user is standing in. The effect is the ability to run on walls, ceilings and anything else, in any direction.

For example, the user could run up a wall and onto the roof as naturally as if it was the floor, run in circles around a tree trunk or perform the complex 360 degree tackle glomp. Don't ask how it works, but it's an impressive sight to behold.


Tweaking a gravity leveller can result in actual antigravity and limited flight. This is achieved by having it redirect gravity upwards and downwards at the same time. Alternatively you could just stick two together.

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