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Ed Bunny is the star of the Ed Bunny, PI fanfics.

Ed Bunny.

Character Bio

Name: Edward Bunny, PI
Age: "Dat's my business."
Gender: When not under the effects of unlabelled soda, male.
Height: About two metres.
Nationality: Mayhem.
Species: Again, when there's no soda involved, human.
Build: Average. Slightly stocky.
Hair: Sort of a chestnut-brown.
Eyes: Hazel-green.
Skin tone: Caucasian.
Intelligence: Brilliant with deduction, average in other areas.
Education: Graduated from high school, took detective training course.
Voice and Accent: Ed's voice and accent are interesting. He speaks in a low, gravelly voice. He generally pronounces the "er" sound, as in "heard", as "oi" as in "hoid". Also, he pronounces the short "th" sound, as in "that", as a "d" sound, i.e. "dat". Sometimes he says the long "th" sound as in "think" normally, other times he omits the "h", i.e. "t'ink".
Clothing: Hat and trench coat, both brown.
Personality: Somewhat temperamental, gets irritated fairly easily. Is accustomed to the strange things often seen in Mayhem. He has a habit of drinking unlabelled soda, usually with bad results. He dislikes having bricks hurled at his head and is quick to draw his TF Gun if there's trouble. Or if there isn't. He isn't fussy.
Background: Ed Bunny had always displayed good skills of deductive reasoning. At just six months old he was able to find out conclusively who stole the cookies from the kitchen cookie jar: his no-good scumbag brother Larry. After completing his schooling, he took a brief course in detective work and set up his own Private Investigation business. During the Case of the Ectoplasmic Cheezels, there was an incident with a jackhammer and Ed's head was smashed to a pulp. Doctors managed to painstakingly reconstruct his skull and just to be sure nothing would go wrong again, used solid titanium to help recreate it. Since then, his skull has been pretty much impermeable. Miraculously, there was no permanent brain damage from the accident. One day, he was hired to investigate a teddy-theft ring, and stumbled upon the biggest case of his life. He eventually cracked the case and with the reward money from the city purchased a new office and hired a secretary. He just recently discovered who sent him the "Maltese Terrier," a chunk of Dewitchery Diamond shaped like a dog, which went missing at the end of the teddy-theft case only to arrive in the mail a few weeks later. As it turned out, his secretary Madeleine (*coughSquataindisguisecough*) was actually the one behind it, and he very narrowly escaped death when she stabbed him. He is now currently male again, though with those sodas...... who can tell what he's going to be at any given moment?

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