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Dimitri Dul Neru is a vampire lord and a close friend of Frike. In D&D terms, he's a Great Wyrm Green Dragon with the Vampire template (and several other templates) applied over the course of a couple thousand years. His favorite colors are green, silver, and white; he's fond of long flights under a gibbous moon and a cloud-striated sky; and he's looking for ladies with shapely necks.

Dimitri is currently spending a lot of time in "human" form, appearing as a still-muscular old gent with grey hair and clothes that suit his color scheme. He carries his battlespear or his sword in this form, and looks to be working on re-establishing an empire he once ran.

Dimitri is the closest thing to an overpowered character that VOR intends on playing anytime soon, so meddle with his affairs at your characters' risk. Dimitri is polite and well-spoken, but he is by NO means Good, and the most recent third of his life has been spent bored to tears over a lack of a challenge to his prowess, so he's willing to engage in combat with anyone who seems like a worthy foe at the drop of a hat.

Dimitri was recently been put under a "sleeping king spell" by Ajac, and was being kept in this state in a chamber somewhere in his Citadel. Ajac found that he ha awoken, and the two discussed matters of importance over a bottle of wine, while Dimitri regained his strength. Such a matter, specifically, was Ajac's request that Dimitri intervene, albeit briefly, in the Crossover Wars. Dimitri did so, with a proviso: He and Ajac would, at a later date, fight to the death. Ajac agreed, and the world trembled at the idea of the comming a clash...

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