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General Info

Name: Courtney Daymine

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Weight: ~125 lbs. (in human form; more in her current form factoring in the fur, tail, etc.)

Build: A toned, slender (not necessarily skinny) body. Not much in the way of curves.

Species: Originally human, now an anthrofeline; but known to Kalga as a drow.


Under normal circumstances, Courtney's skin is colored a deep charcoal gray, swirled with a muddy beige and patches of other earth tones. Tiny lavender crystals jut out from her skin at irregular intervals. Her hair is a bright white which falls in stringy clumps down to her shoulders. She has a several runes colored a deep violet down her right paw and forearm as well as a single one on her neck.

Recently however, KF-Oz has (with Courtney's permission) transformed her into an anthrofeline, giving her a fluffy, charcoal-colored coat of fur with orange patches and white boots and mittens (which obscure the vast majority of her crystals) as well as the tail, ears, claws, etc. normal to the species. In addition, even for her species, her ears and feet are quite large. She also had a pink streak in her hair which was acquired due to magic and cannot be dispelled due to plot, because her author is evil like that.

Courtney is currently wearing a jade green two-piece swimsuit. She doesn't wear socks or shoes, as she quickly learned that such things were not at all designed for cat feet.


Courtney comes from a world where evolution has brought forth mutations and the obligatory superpowers that clearly must come from such an effect. However, the vast majority of mutants come in two forms: those who have little to no physical mutations, whose powers are mostly benign and insignificant and who can assimilate easily into society, generally without people knowing they're mutants at all; and those who have obvious physical anomalies, whose powers are dynamic, allowing them to be praised as superheroes throughout the world, defeating the forces or evil and so forth. Courtney, however, is one of the unfortunate few who received the short end of both sticks.

Despite her vivid physical mutations, the only power she's been able to strain from them is the ability to glow faintly. Not that this stopped a supergroup from taking her in at age 15, believing her true powers merely needed to be coerced out, not realizing they were already there.

Courtney was often very averse to training, mainly because she failed to see the point. After months of this frustration, the supergroup issued her an ultimatum: she would train as hard as they wanted, as much as they wanted, or she would be thrown out onto the street, seen to the world as a failure; a traitor; a freak. Fearfully, she obliged them.

The training continued for years, seemingly getting more rigorous every day, but with Courtney gaining nothing aside from a toned physique. She would be sent on missions much like any other recruit, but without super-anything, she was hopelessly overmatched. Courtney grew to despise the group she was with, whose inspirational words slowly turned to mocking jeers, but felt too insignificant to do anything about it- including leave. Fortunately, the choice wasn't hers to make.

Due to a mishap involving a man who a) is inconsiderate to light sleepers, especially at post-midnight hours, b) is adept at the distortion and manipulation of space-time, and c) tries way too hard to cheat at Dance Dance Revolution, Courtney was drawn into a portal, banished from her home dimension and sent to Mayhem; trapped in a world where not only does everyone seem weird to some extent, but a world she is under no obligation to save.

She has never been happier. The only worry she has is that one day, she might get drawn back...

Post-Arrival Background

Courtney 'landed' in the Hotel in LPW, shaken and disoriented from her trip, but a group of people staying in the room near her invited her in for breakfast and subsequently to the Pavilion, where she is currently staying.

She received the runes on her arm from Kalga, who has taught her minor magical techniques, thought she has little if any innate magical potential.

After overhearing Courtney talk about how she can't "not be human," KF-Oz offered her the chance to be something else. Courtney agreed, and KF-Oz used her transformative abilities to make Courtney into an anthrofeline. This has resulted in a significant shift in her self-image, as she no longer feels like a freak. She still denies any allegations that she's cute, however.

Since then, she has also befriended Hel, a teenage-looking death goddess, who not only insists Courtney is cute but enjoys hugging and cuddling with her at every possible opportunity. The way Hel acts towards Courtney (and to a lesser extent, Courtney's tolerance of said actions) has led some to wonder if either is attracted to the other, though Courtney insists she's straight as an arrow.

More recently, Courtney's author has stated that "Hel is Courtney's 'It's Complicated' on Facebook," for however much that is worth.


Normally, Courtney can only glow poorly, a full-body glow providing roughly the same illumination as a candle. However, her natural bioluminescence combined with minor pyromancy results in the creation of a bright, magenta-colored flame. While still not particularly useful, Courtney is proud of being able to do something with it.

In addition, due to absorbing some sort of magical radiation from a ruby provided by a resident mercatgirl, Courtney's crystals now glow permanently. However, this doesn't appear to actually do anything besides make her a night-light.

Spells Courtney Has Learned

Kalga, who is a archmage, has taken on Courtney as his apprentice and is subsequently teaching her a variety of spells, including:

  • Fire 1 (Standard fireball)
  • Fire 2 (Perfected fireball; can detonate like a grenade)
  • Cure 1 (Minor healing spell)
  • Skill 1 (Converts physical energy into magical energy)
  • Strength 2 (Increases one's own strength and power)
  • Change (Alters colors and can make minor alterations in size)


Courtney sees everything as needing a tangible outcome or goal in order to be relevant. This trait, which has been hard-wired into her from years of fruitless pursuits, makes Last Post Wins even more complicated than it already is to her, as there are so many things within it that she simply cannot predict. While she is slowly learning that how things happen is often not as important as simply that they happen, it will likely be a while before her mind stops trying to justify everyone's actions, if it ever happens.

Courtney also has difficulties with indecisiveness, always fearing that the decision she makes will end up being the wrong one. Furthermore, she tends not to trust her instincts or impulses, mainly because, in her eyes, they're telling her to be a greedy, selfish brat.

The conflict has also caused visions to occasionally appear to her, taking on representations of her optimism and pessimism, who solicit her advice. It is currently unclear why exactly these visions have appeared.

Rationalizing her actions, claiming that "I don't have to follow a command that no longer exists," Courtney has rebelled from many rules her supergroup imposed onto her, most noticeably their rules regarding her diet and exercise regimen. She's much more inclined now to slack off, not bother working out, and eat whatever she wants. She still isn't a very big eater, though, with two exceptions: she tends to eat more when she's stressed out, and she has an affinity for sweets, especially brownies, which she would eat her weight in given the opportunity.

While Courtney will try to explain her history to anyone interested, she dislikes announcing this information unsolicited, instead choosing to be vague about her past. She does this purposefully, as she doesn't wish to remember her own background. After all, what difference does it make? That's not her home anymore. Recently however, she has given those staying at the Pavilion a (somewhat biased) account of her old world, to which she received much comfort both from those she told and from simply telling it. She is also slowly realizing that there are things she'll miss if she decides to stay, assuming she ever gets the choice.

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