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trocricla BOOBIES


[edit] Statistics

Name: Vice-Captain Matsumoto Rangiku (surname: Matsumoto) of the 10th Division
Nickname(s): Boobies
Age: Unknown; registered as 21 with the school, though she spouts off ages anywhere from 18 to 27
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Family: Unknown
Associations: Hitsugaya Toushirou (Captain of the 10th Division); Ayasegawa Yumichika (5th Seat of the 11th Division); Hinamori Momo (Vice-Captain of the 5th Division); Kurosaki Isshin (unknown); Kurosaki Ichigo (who doesn't know him?); Dante Redgrave (BFF); Rufus Shinra (BFF2); Nash (acquaintance); Kuchiki Byakuya (Captain of the 6th Division); Kira Izuru (Vice-Captain of the 3rd Division); Yamada Hanatarou (7th Seat of the 4th Division); Kuchiki Rukia (unseated member of the 13th Division)
Beliefs: Unknown

[edit] Current Status

Following a rather destructive battle with a Hollow of unknown power levels, due to her having to restrict her spiritual pressure, Matsumoto has been down and out for some time, though Hanatarou Yamada has been helping her extensively with this. Because of Desai University kicking the students out of Dual Towers for winter break, she's splurging what little cash she has for a small hotel room, which she will be sharing with her Captain until next semester.

Considering having fun > school, Matsumoto has the idea in her head that she will be getting a job to earn more money, so come time she and Hitsugaya have plenty of money to do things.

It should be said that Rangiku has no idea what sort of job she wants, nor what it will entail.

[edit] History

Not too much is known about Rangiku's past, other than when she first arrived to Soul Society, she was befriended by Ichimaru Gin, who rescued her when she first arrived, after a prolonged period of time without food and water. She is the loyal Vice-Captain of Captain Hitsugaya, in the 10th Division of the Gotei 13, and comes directly to DU after the canon events in Bleach in regards to the Soul Society arc.

Rangiku is very familiar with Kurosaki Isshin, obviously from his prior days as a shinigami. There are bitter feelings there, which she has tried (and failed) to keep from everyone, especially Hitsugaya. The allusion to it all is that Isshin was, possibly, the former 10th Division Captain, with Rangiku his Vice-Captain before Hitsugaya.

[edit] Weapons

Matsumoto's zanpakuto's name is Haineko.

Insert solid and theorized details here because mun is lazy at the moment and wants to reread Bleach.

[edit] Network Access

Matsumoto Rangiku can be found on AOL Instant Messenger at donttouchthesake, and on LiveJournal at Pink Transience.

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