Xavier Darnai

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Xavier Darnai

Image: Xavier stands at 5'11" with a medium to heavy build. He has a northern European complexion, gray hair and gray eyes. He is most often seen wearing a charcoal suit with a white button up, red necktie, and black boots. He is almost never seen without black gloves.

History/Bio: Born to British parents, Xavier was orphaned as a child and somehow ended up in Moscow. He was discovered as an adolescent by a Soviet Military Elite Forces commander named Nicholai Dostevi, who raised him. Trained in hand to hand combat with Aikido, marksmanship with small and large firearms, and espionage, Xavier was a very skilled Captain in the Elite Forces. Marksmanship was always his specialty. Xavier could take a fly off a plant at 100 yards with a hand gun without harming the plant. On one particular job gone sour, Xavier was captured and sent to a medical facility to prepare his genes for life on the moon in a prison colony. However, during the transfer from earth to the moon, the transport ship exploded, and Xavier disappeared. Xavier showed up in CrossRealms apparently long before he'd even been born, and in combination with the gene therapy, it is impossible to tell how old he is. Eventually, Xavier fell for a part-owner of a seedy inn that he frequented because they served excellent Scotch. Over time they married in secret. Before meeting her, Xavier worked as a security consultant and a very expensive hit man, both making him quite wealthy in his 'retirement.'

Other: Due to a freak biking accident, Xavier lost his left arm and lower legs. Though the missing limbs were replaced with cybernetics, you could never tell unless he showed you. Aside from a collection of mechanical arms, Xavier carries two weapons. The Dostevi .45 Sniper Special, a modified automatic hand gun with a permanent silencer and extended barrel for accuracy, and 'Adena' or the XD-3, a segmented high powered rapid fire sniper rifle with a rotating triangular triple-barrel capable of shooting at subsonic speeds while remaining completely silent.

Personal Quote: "...oh bloody hell."

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