Tavarius Rasputin Davidson

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Tavarius Rasputin Davidson is a student at Jackson Junior High, along side his archnemesis Andrew. The Unseelie Nocker finds the rest of his school droll and enjoys picking on the younger kids, especially Andrew and feeding into the young Etherite's Paranoia.

His first infamous deed was during the science fair when he, according to Andrew, allegedly sabotaged the erupting volcano into spewing orange jello everywhere. Since the Etherite had put himself against the Nocker, he decided to teach the young fool a lesson and rigged small security cameras all around Andrew's block, video taping him. Andrew in his infinite paranoia had gathered them all together into a garbage can where they exploded with more orange quick set gelatin. The ensuing footage of Andrew, fist raised to the heavesn in defiance shouting "Damn You Khan!" and editted for dramatic and comedic effect was placed on Youtube and the ensuing clicks helped fund more of the nocker's inventions.

Then... Becca showed up. And she's been annoying as hell.

Tavarius also decided to give the newest addition to the geeksquad, Bo, a present in the form of another Jello mine, which Andrew stuffed into the new kid's backpack and prevented from plastering science class with it. A second attempt in the library again failed when Andrew sacrificed Bo's backpack a second time, though it did earn Tavarius the ire of the local caretaker spirit for the attempt within the library.

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