Moyannon St. Clare

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Name: Moyannon St. Clare
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 25
Status: Hollower
Public Effects: Arcane: 2
Clique: None
Player: LastGirlonEarth

Moya's Sheet

Moyannon stands at 5'6 before her boots are on, and is slender with curves that, with a few more pounds on her, would be well defined. Pale, flawless skin show signs of a celtic heritage, striking against the fall of naturally black curls - black save a two inch streak that starts at her temple, and is always white, and not by choice. A fan of black, she tends towards a more steampunk-goth sort of fashion, a mix of long skirts, fishnet shirts, corsets, combat boots, and brass accessories that look straight out of victorian scifi. While some tend to stand out when dressing against the norm, Moya makes it work -and- look natural.

Personality wise, Moyannon's a bit less easy. Annoyed at the world, she has no qualms on voicing it, or giving her opinion in general. She's got no patience for diplomacy and little time for social games. Jaded, bitter, misanthropic with just a dash of nihilism, she truly doesn't care what you think, most often, and it's sometimes a wonder she has friends. Those she is close to, though, she's loyal to to a fault, and if she gives her word on something, she'll break herself trying to keep it.


The following section is out-of-character information and should not be used in-character.

Moyannon was born and bred in LA, spending more of her youth in the foster care system, before breaking herself out of the cycle. Finding life on the streets easier than the in and out of different homes, She survived pretty well, getting lucky in finding a friend in Jarren Blake, who more than once kept her out of the sort of trouble life with out a roof can lead your way.

LA was home until July of last year, when after a brief absence from the city, she returned to find her clique dead, completely inexplicably. Unable to deal with it, both emotionally or otherwise, she found refuge again with her longtime friend, and came to Seattle. Since here she's friend quite a few folks, and found what she needed to grow, both as a person and as a mage.

She thought LA was behind her, but things like that have a way of catching up to you...

Additional Imagery


"Moya, why's everyone scanning their Thai food?"
"Bad Tofu."
—Jace and Moya

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