Mal Guta

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Name: Mal Guta, Destroyer of Hope

Type: No one's sure exactly. Certainly Demonic in nature

Appearance: A single black flower, radiating a dark purple aura. Its seeds are similar to a dandelion. Lightweight, easily disbursed, entirely ethereal.

History: Mal Guta's origins are not entirely known, however what is known is this.

Every 20 years or so a seed appears which can house the essence of Mal Guta. How this seed is located is unknown, but invariably Mal Guta's cult, the Harbingers of Shadows, finds the seed and begins cultivating it. When the time is right, they seek out the silver mirror which houses his essence and use this mirror to redirect moonlight and bathe the dark seek in Mal Guta's essence until the seed can sprout and ultimately bloom. In instances where Mal Guta was allowed to to blossom, its seeds would spread and take root in the surrounding mortal's souls, sowing the seeds of chaos, hate, paranoia, and darkness into the heart of man. Historically speaking, this resulted in higher crime levels in the surrounding area or an existing regional emergency being exacerbated. If there was already a plague or a famine, it would be worse there than in any other areas. However, the real insidiousness of the demon's release is not the direct damage its seeds do to man's souls, but the indirect. As infected mortals leave the afflicted area, they settle in other cities and towns and bring their new insecurities, intolerance, and hate with them to either find likeminded people or make life miserable for those they now deem as offensive.

Powers and Abilities: When in seedling form, it can partially mask its resonance even if his essence has not been released by the mirror. However, it cannot perfectly hide. Plant spirits consider Mal Guta an abomination and will detect something amiss the moment its roots hit the ground. As it grows stronger, Mal Guta will send disturbing messages and images throughout the region to unnerve the local plant population. It also encourages the rampant growth of parasitic plants in its general vicinity.

When in full bloom, Mal Guta is defenseless. However, the slightest jostle will release its seeds. These seeds are ethereal in nature and can only be guarded against with either a Mind, Prime, or Spirit effect. If an individual is touched by a seed, the seed takes root in the person's soul and inflicts a random insecurity, derangement, or intolerance on the individual's personality. The change is small and barely noticeable at first but will soon grow into a major facet of that individual's personality.

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