Julia Hardgrave

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Investing in her brother's company early on, Julia Hardgrave became one of Seattle's elite fairly quickly as his designs began to revolutionalize computer gaming. Julia decided to use the money she gained to sponsor her own pursuit within the arts and to promote it in others to enrich her city. Her projects developed within the city and Julia began focusing on other city's along the Western Seaboard to cultivate havens for artists of all styles, as well as gaining local support to fund and maintain her collectives. It was on one such trip to San Diego that Julia met the man that would become her romantic interest, Robert Singleton. She later took a second trip down to San Diego to visit him. The trip was eventful, during her stay at his manor an event occurred that traumatized the poor woman and brought about her Chrysalis. Julianna Yulani was reawakened to her true self and witnessed the world around her with newborn eyes. Returning to Seattle, she has since become a baroness within the Emerald City court, taking on the reigns of duty while maintaining her efforts to encourage art throughout the area. Every now and again she takes time for herself and visits her mad scientist mage and forces him to take her for dinner and a movie.

She purchased Pier 70 as part of her art cultivation project and placed Brian Spencer as caretaker of the property. When the large concentration of glamour awoke an ancient bane, Julia quickly organized the local fae to combat it. During the battle that destroyed the bane and freed the spirit Ilune from it's clutches she noticed Jarrod Ng, an old acquaintance from Singleton Manor, leading The Coven. The man recognized her as well and took great pains to avoid her, though he met with her once to speak about healing the spirit. She learned why he was curt and what was needed for the spirit and let him be. She charged Brian with the task of healing the spirit, while she used what skill she and the Emerald City sorcerers could muster to keep the spirit's essence from unravelling. With the spirit restored, she was able to return to her personal goals and handle the courtly and mundane troubles of everyday life.

One night, Jarrod came to her in her dreams stating Robert was in trouble and needed her help. Remembering the man's animosity and attempt to avoid her before due to her association with Robert, she confronted him and forced a confession out of the Asian before accompanying him. Together the two of them mentally projected and touched Robert, freeing him from the fear demon Obtchnok's control and eventually aided the mage in defeating the spirit.

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