Dryad grove

From Demiurge Games

The dryad grove is a small glade in a nearby county inhabited by a conclave of dryads. Recently terrorized by a dire ape that nearly sucked their grandfather oak dry, the dryads called out to Eddie and Jarrod to aide them. Defeating the offending spirit, the two mages were crestfallen as the grandfather oak yielded a single acorn and then withered and died despite their efforts. Eddie planted the acorn as a symbol of hope, and immediately it sprouted, reinstituting the node as its new nexus. The dryads rejoiced and named the two mages guardians of the glade, giving them free access and reign over the node.

Jarrod has homesteaded the land, fencing in the area around the grove and including it in his parcel as part of his home. With the help of Rural Road the home was erected and the land deed was finished, keeping the dryads safe from outsiders attempting to prey on the land.

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