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Bartholemew Umbreton Pennyworth III comes from an prestigious and affluent family, giving him untold social and economic advantages in his life. At least that was the case up until he told his parents he wanted to become a scientist specializing in chemical engineering and molecular manipulation rather than take over the family business. Bart found himself cut off, his family blacklisted him, until his silly notions of becoming a scientist were dismissed they had only one son, Michael Agustus, Bart's younger brother.

When the semester at the private school was over, Bart had to scramble to secure financial aid to continue his education. One of his theses caught the eye of a professor in Seattle that presented him with a scholarship opportunity within an unknown science journal known as Paradigma. Given a hypothetical situation, the scholarship hopefuls were to come up with theories on how to solve the physically impossible. Bart applied without a second though, working diligently on the project and eventually finding himself questioning whether the hypothetical situation was truly impossible. His submission gained him a full scholarship to go study under Professor Connel in Seattle, the very man that had passed him the information in the first place, as well as membership within the Sons Of Ether with his awakening and understanding of hyperscience.

Bart adjusted slowly to the life of a typical college student, and even slower to the sudden culture shock of being surrounded by typical men and women his own age. One guy in particular, Brian Spencer, turned out to be an argumentitive, brash, and infuriately intelligent. Sharing several classes and a dorm hall, Bart and Brian began trading pranks. Bart's ultimate achievement thus far has been the formulation of a substance that smells equally like scorched milk, putrid human flesh, and fresh baked cupcakes distilled into a liquid that can be used to fill paintball shells. The chemical reacts with the application of water, warming and becoming even more pungent, requiring an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice to nullify and break down into harmless components that quickly dissipate.

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