Auntie Tsai

From Demiurge Games

Auntie Tsai is one of Jarrod's ancestors within the Ng Family and one of the spirits that frequently monitors the various shrines set up for the family. Auntie Tsai is the most active in the Ng Family heirarchy, convincing(read guilted to holy hell) Jarrod to return to the family after his self imposed estrangement, and acting as messenger/mediator between the various family members(such as Jarrod and his Avatar when they refuse to speak to one another). She's spent a large amount of time at the Singleton Manor shrine, caring for the young ghost Jade since the girl's jade comb fetter was added to the shrine by Robert. The young man impressed her, maintaining the shrine and making offerings despite not being part of the family. She has claimed both as her own, the adoption uncontested by the family due to her station and influence. When Robert was in dire trouble from the demon Obtchnok, Auntie Tsai fetched Jarrod to help him, and was happy to find that the boy survived.

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