Declaration of Cybersecession

From Cybersecession

Do you, governments, want to defend Cyberspace against "terrorists"? OK, we agree! Please do isolate us from yourselves. We do want to be isolated from you. Please ban us from all your critical-importance servers. We do want to be unable to break or even access your damn banks and stuff.

For our cyberlife we don't need them anyway. Or we'll create ours. Or we'll redesign everything in a completely different way. Or it's none of your business what we're going to do.

Human beings possess a mind, which they are absolutely free to inhabit with no legal constraints. Human civilization is developing its own (collective) mind. All we want is to be free to inhabit it with no legal constraints. Since you make sure we cannot harm you, you have no ethical right to intrude our lives. So stop intruding!

a 0.0.3 draft

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