Yell if everyone's okay

From Create Your Own Story

You let yourself be carried out the door, surrendering yourself so you could make sure everyone was alright.

A hallways is there, small and tight. The walls a porcelain white, the tile the same as inside the room.

"Is everyone okay?" You shout.

Before you get a reply, a strong pain entered your head and your vision blurs. It takes you a moment to realize that someone had elbowed you in the head. You carry on, as if nothing had happened.

A guard is in front of you, blocking your view of the other people you were in that room with. You can't stop thinking if they were okay.

"Stop," a voice says to you roughly, muffled by the head gear.

The soldier behind you grabs you by the shoulders, halting you from going down the hallway where you see everyone in front of you carry on.

"Wait, where are they-" you start, but someone quickly shoves you into a door to the right of the hallway.

You stumble, but quickly recover. The room is pitch black, and you hear with a shudder the door slam shut behind you. You don't bother trying to open it. It's most definitely locked.

Suddenly, your legs buckle and you shriek as you fall, feeling the tile through the darkness. Your leg feel as stiff as stones, unable to move. You cry out, but your voice seems muffled. You lean your head on the cold floor, and drift away.

You're out cold.

What now?

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