Why, what's it for

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It strikes you as odd that the girls simply asked for money from you right away. You laugh and say, "Wow, that's quite a greeting. Why, what's it for?"

"It's a major investment opportunity," says hoodie blonde, holding up the camera. "Our new media company is about to film its first production and the material we have planned for it is sure to sell."

Blonde number two slips up beside her as she speaks and runs her hands over her inner thighs. "If you pay, we'll let you shoot it."

This so-called media company is clearly just two hot college girls who want to make a quick buck selling their bodies over the internet. You pull out your wallet and see the hungry looks on their faces as you leaf through several hundred dollar bills. You say, "It sounds like what you need is to hire a camera man. Shouldn't you really be paying me?"

Dirty blonde number one, who is clearly the sharper of the two, gives you a confused look for a moment, then looks down at her feet to talk. Dirty blonde number two continues to gently caress her friend, seemingly unaware of what is going on around her. She notices you looking at her and smiles at you. "We're going to make a porno," she says to you and you sense an emptiness behind her eyes.

Hoodie looks up at you with an expression of resolution. "Here's why you should pay us. If you invest in our company..."

"Pink Pussy Productions!" Number Two interrupts, throwing her arms up in the air and jumping up and down. In doing this, she manages to pull her half shirt partway off her young titties. The skin of her lower breast is taut and cream colored.

"Yes, Pink Pussy Productions," Number One continues. "If you give me what you've got there, you can be the director and we'll let you choose all of the things we do in our video."

You say:

Health Horny Location:

Main Street

MP 0
Level 1
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