Watch your boyfriend fuck your girlfriend

From Create Your Own Story

You stare into Yulia's eyes as Jason pulls her pussy lips apart. She gasps as his rod plunged into her. You feel your wetness grow as you watch your rocker boyfriend slowly pump into your friend. You quickly strip as Yulia wraps her legs around Jason, pulling him closer with her strong thighs. You slip a finger in Yulia's mouth, wetting it before you plunge it into your dripping hole. The sex crazed girl reaches out to you, pulling you close. Your lips are drawn to her perky nipple first, then to her waiting lips, her hot breath filling your mouth as she takes Jason's drilling. You quickly pull away from her and run your hands over your boyfriend's sweaty body as your tongue invades his mouth. You're so hot now that you need to be more involved.

Do you:

You are possessing:
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