Washed Up

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up suddenly, You don't even remember blacking out. You look around you and these surroundings are unfamiliar. Looking out one way and all you can see is water until it ends in a far away darkness. Looking back in front of you all you see is sand and palm trees. You look down at yourself, you aren't wearing a single thing. All of your possessions have been taken.

Your name is Elisa, you're 22 years old and you were out enjoying yourself on spring break. The last thing you remember is drinking a little too much. Your breasts are roughly 36C in size, you're just a bit over 130 pounds and you're 5' 6". You've dyed your hair a bright red and you have a nose piercing, which is pretty much the only thing that hasn't been stolen from you. You've just shaved yourself yesterday so everything is still pretty smooth. Your friends describe you as a little pale, but you've never taken a ton of notice.

Deciding nothing will happen if you continue to stand here, you decide to observe a little more around you and then move on.

To the left of you the shoreline seems to just continue on forever. To the right of you, you see a faint glimmer of light in the distance.

Do you:

WU: Go forward into the island.

WU: Follow the shoreline into darkness.

WU: Follow the shoreline to the point of light.

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