War Pigs

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It's New York in the not too distant future and trouble is brewing.

Ever since a girl with apparent psychic abilities caused serious damage to the city, the government has been on the lookout for supposed telepaths. One has been detected and military officials are looking to capture him before he causes any problems. But a rogue individual wants the boy for himself and he's hired a mercenary to keep him out of sight.

This won't end well.

Select your character:

  • William: A street kid with telekinetic abilities, but he's not aware of them yet. Life isn't easy for William and he's been forced to commit crimes just to survive. Once his powers become known, he's going to be the most wanted person in the city.
  • Michael: The mercenary hired to capture William. A true professional, Michael stays level-headed in all situations. Though violent and remorseless against his enemies, Michael avoids causing collateral damage and tries to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians.
  • Vincent: A government agent looking for William. His calm and friendly disposition conceals the fact that he's willing to do anything to complete his mission and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process.
  • Rebecca: A mercenary who frequently assists Michael in his assignments. When it comes to fighting and gunplay, Rebecca is just as skilled as her partner, but she is volatile in nature and lacks his reasoning abilities.
  • Karen: William's girlfriend and the only person he cares about. Karen stands by him, regardless of the things he does, though she doesn't take part in his illegal actions. Unfortunately, whatever trouble her boyfriend gets into is bound to follow her.
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