Visit your scientist friend

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed & Overheated

As you shower, you remember that you haven't seen Crispin, a science geek you've known since high school, in a while. He lives only a few blocks away, and while he's not exactly boyfriend material, he's hot enough that you've enjoyed a few one night stands with him this past year. Last you heard, he was working on some secret new invention of yours. You call him up and ask if it would be okay to stop by today for a visit, which he eagerly accepts. You put on white v-string panties and bra, then some tight-fitting khaki shorts and a t-shirt over them that show off every delicious curve of your body. Next come socks and sneakers, and you're out the door.

Within 15 minutes, you're knocking on Crispin's place, and he opens the door. He looks like he hasn't slept in a while, but he still greets you warmly - both by his smile and a non-discreet sudden bulge in his pants, you can tell he's happy to see you.

"Your timing is perfect," he says. "I just finished completing my new invention when you called. Wanna check it out?"


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