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Jeez Teejay, you really needed to clean up your message box. I created an archive or two for your old messages and moved everything that was here previously into there, but from now on keeping the discussions here is up to you.

--Durzan 21:21, 28 February 2019 (UTC)

Tales of Illnora Colaboration

Hey Teejay, just wondering if you and others wanted to help collaborate on a project I am working on: Namely, the adult fantasy mega-story called Tales of Illnora

FYI: Its intended to be an Adult story with multiple branching off points with the common theme of all focusing on story and character development. At this point however, my ideas and goals for it are somewhat hazy. Having one or more people who are actively contributing to the overarching narrative and premise would be very helpful. --Durzan 21:28, 28 February 2019 (UTC)

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