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Hey, I'm currently dicking around with my userpage and (hopefully) improving it. Bear with me until it's much better looking. Also, if I edit something you've written and you don't like it, then just revert it back. Please don't complain about it to me. And if I rewrite it, it's because you specified that others could. If you yell at me for editing your work, and there's a "Go ahead and edit" or similar sign nearby, you just make yourself look like a fool.

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My Works

Rescue - My first story on the site. April Haddaway must obey and comply to the orders of a man whom has kidnapped her boyfriend. Multiple endings and "Achievements." Nowhere near my best work, and I'd love to go back through and edit/rewrite it some time.

Megan - My second story on the site. Megan never really fit in or had any friends except for one girl - Vanessa Brown. Today, she woke up feeling... different. Today, she would kill Vanessa. Moderate to extreme violence. "Achievements" coming whenever, possibly never.

The Diary Of Bethany Cross - On her thirteenth birthday, Bethany Cross is given a diary. At about the same time, two girls in her neighborhood die and the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. It's not long before nightmares set in, and that's only the beginning of the hell she's about to go through.

"WLB" - What was to be my second story be written on this site. It's not in a playable stage yet, so I don't want to link to it. As of now, I am currently rewriting the existing pages to make them look better and fit my original vision more. Think of it like what George Lucas has been doing, but without the suck.

Bloodsport. - Third real "story" on the site. A bored deity seizes control of Creekview High, forcing the students to compete in bloody competitions where anything goes.

The Elderpedia - A barebones guide to characters (and possibly events/locations) in any of my stories.

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