The Tribe: Taking The Rite

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In an unknown land, in an unknown time, there exist many small tribes. Most have no knowledge of each other, while others co-exist peacefully. Some seek expansion via subjugation, others seek to build from within; fortified by faith and tradition... This is a look at one of those tribes: The Shak'tar tribe. The Shak'tar believe in the power of fertility and the hunt. And only through combat and tradition can they flourish. Our look will cross many characters, should you wish it. But our story will begin with O'li'x, as she views one of many rites she has made it her life to help preside over. But this rite will change the course of the tribe forever...

Joyous drumbeats fill the ears. The children perform their duty, sitting on the outside wall of the sunken pit, banging on the drums each were shown to make. As you lay the white sand down creating a circle within it. You hope the El'haiji return from their hunt with many fine combatants and many meals for them to feast on when they are finished their rites. Four will become men and women of either god or the goddess tonight. And as is law, the Elhaiji the sworn protectors of their tribe, must find them worthy tests.

You think back to your initiation. Only 2 men were gathered for the 3 women that were to compete for womanhood. As is law, you chose the eldest of your brothers who had yet to take manhood to test you. And he honored you with a 12 sands match that was so glorious to the El'haiji that they stood at the edge of the Forrest and chanted.

When your brother countered your attempted al'ani with a roll-through for the pin. The crowd cheered like you've never heard since. You remembered how terrified you were when you took the rite of passage as the boys and girls do around you now.

How terrified you were when as the loser you had to take the fertility rite and be bred by your brother in the middle of the ring. When you were a child you scoffed at the other girls, who gave away their life creators for stretching. You trained hard so that one day you could be a member of the council. But he was so gentle with you, going so slowly when he stretched your life creator for the first time. And when it was finally time you made it memorable by thanking the goddess for his seed.

Of course what your now husband, and father to your girls doesn't know is that you let him hit the roll through, you could not shame the way he fought for you that day.

You will always remember at the 5th sands break he couldn't suppress his yác sat' tif from stiffening as he looked at you. And the 11th sand break when he told you he loved you. You never forget the look of elation on his face when the fall was counted. You know he had all but given up. When you asked yourself if the brother who had showed you how to hunt the long-ears when that was forbidden for girls to do, or allowed you to taste his yác sat' tif when you asked him what one looked like was really such a bad person to claim your life creator?

You know it was the gods who made you see those things in that moment. Because it was their will that he take you well and deeply, it was their will that his life givers pulsed over your filth hole as he made his first cup inside you.

As you look out at the 2 boys and 2 girls who have taken the rite tonight. You warmly smile at them. They don't know it yet but this is the start of their lives. And the gods will see to them, whatever happens.

The boys will either fall to their women and become celebid El'haji or they will win and grant their new brides the honor of their worthy seed. The girls will either win and be given the honor of choosing to be an El'na'cet and have the rite to assume a seat of the council. Or will fall in defeat and be granted the honor of motherhood from a worthy man.

For Ti'ali her 41st season was the date of her first blood and for Q' ti it was her 49th. The gods gifted Q' ti as she's in the height of her womanhood. She stands almost a full stone above Ti'ali with full breasts with large, dark nourishers, full hips and bushy pubic hair. While the young one has few of the obvious signs of womanhood, only nourishers, just barely darker than her flesh, and slightly wider hips.

Her father questioned the council when they told him of her blood. And you can't blame him, if it was your C ti' l who will soon celebrate her 41st, you would be frightened for her.

As sad as you are, she seems to be excited in her chanting of the rite. No girl her age has ever successfully defeated her opponent. But this is the god's will. And you will not intervene if they deem her for early motherhood.

The boys are judged ready for manhood on the passing their P'wal'a. Once per moon, a boy over their 38th season must strip and be milked by their birth giver. If he can not produce the necessary quantity or thickness than he is deemed by the gods to be not ready.

These boys produced their cups on their 45th and 53rd seasons. And both look ready as they chant solemnly. O'ta is short but his un-erect manhood was bigger with more hair on his life-givers than Bá Qo. Even though Bá was far older he was small un-erect, so small his yác sat' tif hid inside his body, his life givers were large but barely the fuzz of the kiwi grew on them.

Even still, he has the height and weight to match up with any of the girls the gods could throw at him. Having seen many rites now at the ripe 93rd season, you anticipate all will be fertility rites under-the-stars.

As you finish the circle and begin the blessing of sand your husband startles you groping your exposed breasts and grinding his life givers into your back. "Are you ready to give me a son, my sworn." He says to you warmly. He licks at the nape of your neck and you think about the joy you take in bearing his seed now. "The fertility goddess answered me once when she gave me to you. She will answer us again when I give you the son you deserve. As you say this you lean in and kiss him deeply, as he continues to take his pleasure from you with his hands.

As is sometimes the case with rites, Other important acts of fertility are done under the stars. On this night you will both retake the center and implore the goddess to give your husband the son, from your loins, he craves. And on the eve of your 40th season since your rites he will take you in-front of all the tribe again. Only this time with love, as your husband.

As you finish the blessing in his arms the horn sounds from inside the treeline. They are coming. The children rise and take there places at the center. and the rest of the tribe enters in waves to the arena skinned as the day they were born. As is the will of the gods. The children form the outside of the circle as you hurry away. You see your daughters take their places and it gives you great pride.

You join the council at the altar sitting in the seat of honor.

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