The Princess of Amoris

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You are a mysterious princess living in a large castle located in the Kingdom of Amoris. Your mother and father have raised you to be kind and generous to anyone above and below your status and has taught you the ways of weaponry and wisdom. Now that you are finally sixteen, you have a lot more responsibility on your shoulders as your parents are looking for possible suitors for you as well as looking after Amoris. Servants, maids, and your royal family has prepared you for this point in life, but you are still an extremely nervous sixteen year old girl. With butterflies swarming in your stomach as you think about your new-found adulthood, you wake up and look at your reflection in the mirror. Staring back at you is:

  • Atasia - A beautiful brunette-haired girl with big, blue eyes and an irresistible smile.
  • Tiania - A stunning raven-haired beauty with a curvaceous body and green eyes with an adventurous spark in them.
  • Osasia - An innocent-looking, tall, golden-haired beauty with a curvaceous body and deep, hazel eyes.
  • Endisia - A petite auburn-haired girl with stunning brown eyes and freckles to match.

    Health 100 Equipment:


    Stamina 100
    Mood Indifferent Inventory:


    Abilities None

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