The Mystery of the Stolen Mammals

From Create Your Own Story

You are a 3-year-experienced detective. In the last few days many famous cats, dogs, horses, gorillas and humans around the world have disappeared. A strange man meets you in your office. "Hello, I will pay you $700,000 if you solve the recent case."

"What's the catch?" you ask.
"You have to solve the case in two weeks," the strange man replies.

You think you can solve the case and agree. The man gives you a plane ticket to China and 2,000 yuans (Chinese Currency).

You pack your bags and go to the airport early in the morning. You arrive in Hong Kong in the morning.

When you land and leave the airport you :

Detective Status Indicater
Location Time Day Items
  • 2,000 yuans
  • None
Hong Kong 6:45 A.M. Day 1
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