Tell him you love sex with George

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You turn your face toward Jack, who is standing there with fists clenched in rage, about to attack George. You flash him a smile, which makes him reassess the situation. He slowly unclenches his fists and looks at you with confusion painted across his face.

George, meanwhile, is muttering an apology and trying to pull away from you, but you wrap your legs around his waist and trap him inside you.

The silence is palpable, so you decide to break it. “Hi Jack!” you say, cheerfully.

“Krystal,” begins his reply, “what are you doing? Why...”

“I'm having sex with George, and I love it,” you reply. “He seduced me, and he took my cherry, and he gave me the greatest orgasm of my life.”

“Actually,” George pipes in, “I believe you seduced me.”

You just giggle in response.

“Krystal,” says Jack, “how could you? You're my fiancee, for heaven's sake.”

“I needed cock, and I knew his would be good,” you say. “Keep fucking me, George! I want your spunk in me.”

“Krystal!” Jack is shouting again. “Krystal, for two years you wouldn't even have sex with me, and now I find you being fucked by some old guy? What the hell?”

For a while, you can only moan as George fucks you expertly, but you eventually manage to reply.

“He was so sexy,” you moan. “I had to have him right away. It's not my fault you never made me feel that way.”

Speechless, Jack turns on his heel and runs for the door.

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